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Past Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials
Navigating Sheets

Every Excel user knows that you can activate a different sheet in a workbook by clicking its sheet tab. Most users also know that you can press Ctrl-Page Up to activate the previous sheet, and Ctrl-Page Down to activate the next sheet.

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Protecting a Worksheet

Activate the worksheet to be protected, then choose Tools - Protection - Protect Sheet. You will be asked to provide a password (optional). If you do provide a password, that password will be required to unprotect the worksheet.

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This website provides tips and tutorials on how to use Excel. All sorts of information can be found that helps embrace your Excel skills and knowledge.

Getting Started

Starting out with Excel can be quite difficult and over bearing at times, especially if you have never seen it before. Throughout this website, you will be able to find all sorts of tips, tricks, tutorials, and help guides that will make everything much easier. If there is still something that you do not understand and wish to find out, please use the Contact page.

Latest Tutorial

Summing and Counting Using Multiple Criteria

If you peruse the Excel newsgroups, you've probably realized that one of the most common questions involves summing or counting using multiple criteria. If your data is set up as a database table you can use database functions such as DCOUNT or DSUM. These functions, however, require the use of a separate criteria range on your worksheet. This tip provides a number of examples that should solve most of your counting and summing problems. Unlike DCOUNT and DSUM, these formulas don't require a criteria range.

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